[Tweeters] Caracara reports and car pooling

Kevin Lucas vikingcove at gmail.com
Sat Jun 20 23:18:16 PDT 2015

This evening we found the Caracara very close to the '.9 miles west from
the fire station' spot.
Thanks to Don & Maggie Wheatly for sharing their find -- what a yardbird!

It was in the woods north from their yard, halfway toward the railroad
tracks, perched 40' up in a cottonwood tree, off the mowed 4 wheeler trail
(a old road). Start of trail: 10 T 0621835 5285104

We'd gone to where I heard robins that sounded like they were tiring of
giving alarm peeks. Twice I heard a creaking and rattling combination that
sounded unusual, almost like that of a dead tree rubbing against another
tree. Paul Baerny
joined me and spotted the prize. Mary joined us & we had great views. Later
it was in the same spot for some former locals, locals, and their friends
to see. That might be its roost tonight:
UTM: 10 T 0621967 5285186
Back at the car I listened to the Sibley Crested Caracara vocalization. The
rattles and clucks matched the sounds I'd heard.

Thanks to all who posted info from their sightings.

Now to finish that errand we were running when we happened to stop by

Kevin Lucas & Mary Giovanini & Nori dog
Selah, WA
On Jun 20, 2015 6:12 PM, "Bob" <bobs at world-wide.com> wrote:

> I am thinking of trying for the Caracara early tomorrow morning and would

> be happy to drive or ride with others if anyone is interested. Based on

> the morning reports the last 2 days I would like to get up to Skykomish by

> around 7 AM and stay around 3 hours unless we see the bird sooner. I would

> rather not stay all day unless we came up with some other birding plans.

> Please contact me off list if you interested in pooling resources. I also

> plan to bring an FRS radio on channel 11 - privacy channel 22 if anyone

> else might want to share information around town. Thank you.


> Bob Schmidt


> Bothell WA


> bobs at world hyphen wide dot com




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