[Tweeters] Caracara reports and car pooling

Bob bobs at world-wide.com
Sat Jun 20 18:11:50 PDT 2015

I am thinking of trying for the Caracara early tomorrow morning and would be
happy to drive or ride with others if anyone is interested. Based on the
morning reports the last 2 days I would like to get up to Skykomish by
around 7 AM and stay around 3 hours unless we see the bird sooner. I would
rather not stay all day unless we came up with some other birding plans.
Please contact me off list if you interested in pooling resources. I also
plan to bring an FRS radio on channel 11 - privacy channel 22 if anyone else
might want to share information around town. Thank you.

Bob Schmidt

Bothell WA

bobs at world hyphen wide dot com

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