[Tweeters] 11 warbler species and other highlights central Skagit Co today

Scott scottratkinson at hotmail.com
Sat Jun 20 15:13:20 PDT 2015


There were 11 warbler species between just south of Rockport and just northeast of Marblemount today. This tied my best single day (also a June visit) but good 'ol Gair (Gary Bletsch) had 12 the year that the Black-and-White Warbler stayed at the north end of Corkindale. Notably, today's 11 warblers matched 11 of his 12,
with the key highlights being a YELLOW-BREASTED CHAT singing near the Martin Rd access south of Rockport. I did not see the bird, but listed to it sing for about ten minutes. There is no easy walking access through the thickets on the north side of Martin Rd here. By my count, this is exactly the fifth for Skagit County, with all but one being at this time of year, at Martin Rd (found a bird on the exact same date at same site many years back), 'ol Gair's Concrete bird, and the first, at Bacon Creek (a bird that stayed the second week of June many years ago. Anomalous is the Halloween 1993 bird at the south end of Beaver Lake.

AM. REDSTART was the other warbler highlight, with two birds at County Line. One bird was photographed at the south end of the southernmost ponds:


Another bird was heard only at the northeasternmost pond, accessed right by the Whatcom County sign.

Also of interest, a RED-NAPED SAPSUCKER was seen at point-blank range returning to Marblemount very close to Milemarker 107. True, this was a flyby, but it was obvious this bird had a prominent white stripe running through the face and had very little red on the head. I circled back and was able to hear, but not see, the bird--it was on private property. And then last but not least, a DUSKY FLYCATCHER joined the numbers of HAMMOND'S at the southernmost County Line ponds. This bird was seen, then about 10 minutes later heard, here. Scott AtkinsonLake Stevensmail to: scottratkinson at hotmail.com

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