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Mitch biglou22 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 19 14:59:45 PDT 2015

If anybody wants to take a shot at a gull ID (hopefully with an explanation

:), and a flycatcher I would really appreciate it. The gull was from the

Edmonds Pier in January. It was different from the other gulls I was
watching which is why I took the picture, but as my knowledge is limited, I
assumed it was a Bonapartes or Franklins because of the "hood". Upon
further inspection it doenst quite mesh for me, the bill color is wrong and
the underside wing markings are wrong. The other hoodeds dont seem to fit,
and I thought maybe it was a Mew, but the head shape and hood seem off, but
thats from someone who knows very little, so any thoughts would be great.
The flycatcher is...well, a flycatcher. It was at Marymoor in August last
year. I have an idea but I would like to see if anyone has a 'DUH' type
answer (wish I had a recording of it but it made no sounds when I saw it)


Thanks very much!

Mitchell Von Rotz
biglou22 at gmail.com
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