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An update on the Crested Caracara: although it could not be found for most
of the day yesterday, it apparently reappeared about 3:45 PM (after I
left!), and was seen by several observers, both along the Old Cascade
Highway, near the previous sightings, and along the railway tracks north of
the houses between 3:45 and 5:00 PM. The tracks can apparently be reached by
a trail from the Old Cascade Highway, the exact location of which I am
uncertain. The Caracara story continues to unfold!

Wayne C. Weber
Delta, BC
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Shirley Sakarajasingham and I tried for the Caracara this AM, arriving at
the main site by the houses (W. Old Cascade) at 8:20 and were fortunate to
have the bird fly directly down the road and over our heads. We had been
alerted by Robin chatter, followed by very loud wing flapping, and looked
up. The bird flew down the road another 1/5 mile, disappearing into the
trees to the left of the road.
We searched another 3 hours, running into a number of other birders, without
relocating the bird.
Faye Hands
Belfair, WA

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