[Tweeters] Red-eyed Vireos along Satus Creek-18 June

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18 JUNE 2015

I spent an hour this morning along Satus Creek by US-97, south of Toppenish, between Mileposts 36 and 43, targeting RED-EYED VIREOS. Why is this specific stretch of highway so important for this species, the only reliable area I know of for Red-eyed Vireo in Yakima County? From my past experience, I detect this vireo reliably only where White Alder (Alnus rhombifolia) is densest along the creek and within my earshot from a highway stop. Many sites that appear suitable have no safe pullouts so that is a big limiting factor in finding this bird. Pullouts where I heard RED-EYED VIREOS singing this morning were:

MP 37

MP 38.3

MP 40.4

MP 41

Why White Alder is so important to this species here would make a wonderful study. I sense the same close association between Red-eyed Vireos and White Alder in southeastern Washington in the Grande Ronde and Asotin areas.

As a caveat, Red-eyed Vireos can be found in Yakima County, on occasion, in mature Black Cottonwood-dominated riparian habitat. Their presence in this habitat seems only occasional hereabouts, though, in contrast to northwards in eastern Washington, especially in the state’s northeast corner.

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