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The residents in the little neighbourhood of houses where the caracara was hanging out in the last couple of days, were all unfailingly polite and delighted to chat with all the birders as we sought the bird this morning, as were the locals in the pub at lunchtime. I suppose there’s a reason the owners of the more isolated houses a little further out of town chose to live where they do!

Following the road west through that little Mill Hill neighbourhood and up the hill, go around a left then a right bend; the bird was beyond a metal gate on the left side with a no trespassing sign and a house number on it. The fir tree was on the left of the driveway about 20-30 feet back from the gate, and the bird hunkered in close to the trunk about 20 feet off the ground. Unfortunately the deciduous trees in front of the fir meant you had a pick a hole to look through to get any sort of view at all.

The caracara was still in the tree, but even deeper and harder to see, when I left at 1.30pm. Having been harassed massively by jays over the last couple of days, I suspect it was delighted to find a spot where it was left in peace, and I think it will only leave when it gets hungry. Maybe it will return to that same safe site tomorrow.

Louise Rutter


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Louise, glad you found the Caracara. Your experience in the neighborhood certainly differed from ours. Homeowners have been very welcoming as we essentially invaded their small quiet neighborhood. Several even invited us into their yards to search.

Hope this was an isolated incident.

Ann Marie Wood

Mountlake Terrace

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Relocated west end of town up the hill. Visible from road but barely, in a fir obscured by a maple. On posted land with a vigilant homeowner who came up to check we were all staying on the road ( we were.)

Louise Rutter


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