[Tweeters] Active Osprey and Bullock's Oriole nests in tree on Whidbey Island

earthman1950 at whidbey.com earthman1950 at whidbey.com
Wed Jun 17 09:29:38 PDT 2015

Osprey/Bullock's Oriole tree: The Bullock's Orioles that
I first reported to Whidbey Audubon and Ebird on 5/23 are still
there and have a nest in the same Douglas Fir as the Ospreys. I can
not clearly make out any part of the nest, but I counted 17 visits to
the nest area by the male and female combined over the hour I was
there on 6/16. The nest is located about 10 feet below the Osprey nest
on the north side of the tree in a branch that hangs down about 60
degrees below horizontal. The apparent nest area is about 1 1/2- to
two feet from the end of the branch. I know it's unusual to have an
oriole nest in a Doug. Fir, but that is where it is. The tree stands
at the far south end of a grove of Douglas Firs with some deciduous
trees near the road at the south end of the marsh. I first noticed the
Ospreys building their nest in late April and it is currently active.

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