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Hi all-

Regarding origin, the question is defnitely out there. The Seventh WBRC report spends about a page discussing this question for WA - I'd recommend checking it out at:


[see page 26 once there].

Short version - three previous reports of Crested Caracara have been accepted by the WBRC as likely of wild origin after studying patterns of vagrancy in Caracara, especially in the west. One difference between this current sighting and all three earlier records: All of those were coastal sightings and the location of this one might raise different questions. Not sure whether or why, but the coastal location of the earlier records is part of the discussion in the WBRC 7 report.

In any case - Caracaras are a species that has shown up all over N. America, so vagrancy isn't all that unexpected.

Nothing formal in this, and I'm guessing there will be discussion at the fall WBRC meeting about this one as well. But I'm sure headed up there as soon as possible [hopefully today if I can skip out of work soon....]

Matt Bartels
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>I'm a bit surprised people aren't talking about this more. Isn't it exceptionally unlikely that this bird is here naturally? It's not as if this is a vagrant migrating songbird. Wouldn't we have seen reports of the bird between where it is now and where its natural range is? It seems most likely to me that this is an escaped captive bird. Has anybody investigated this possibility?


>Matt Joras


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>> This bird in Skykomish seems so unlikely...I don’t suppose we can prove provenance.


>> But I know people out there in that area that keep all kinds of exotic pets, legal and not..


>> Mark Tomboulian

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