[Tweeters] Wahkiakum Co Black Phoebe

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Mon Jun 15 18:42:02 PDT 2015

We made a quick trip down to Wahkiakum and Cowlitz Counties yesterday, making it easy on ourselves by staying in Kelso the night before—we wanted to “clean up” our county lists with some of the regular late-spring birds. (There are too many places to be in May/June!) Noting the recent e-bird posting on a Black Phoebe at Julia Butler and having seen one a couple of years ago on Puget Island at Bernie Slough, I thought I should add that it looks as though there may be another regular BLPH in the county. We watched one flying around the Wahkiakum Co Road Dept. bldg, not far up Elochoman Valley Rd. The bldg is on the left side of the road and it looked like the bird could have been nesting, flying in and out of various places under the eaves.

Our target birds were those from old, but excellent, Tweeters postings up Elochoman Valley Rd onto Beaver Crk Rd. up past the 6 mi. mark to the clear cuts. Yesterday, the most active area was the second big cut, which also had a small road to a cut on the other side of Beaver Crk Rd. We had Western Tanager, OS Flycatcher, Willow FC, Hutton’s Vireo (other side), all code 2s, and a male Western Bluebird, Code 4, among others. Interestingly, in comparison with the old postings, we could only see/hear/roust Wilson’s Warblers and no others.

Then there were the mid-Sunday afternoon traffic jams on I-5 on the way home—unbelievable!
Penny Koyama, Bothell
plkoyama at comcast dot net

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