[Tweeters] A good couple of days birding - Boreal Owl, Am. Redstart, Pine Grosbeak, Crested Caracara

Charles Desilets csdesilets at comcast.net
Mon Jun 15 17:48:04 PDT 2015

Ken Hemberry and I birded FR 37 and 39 out of Conconully Saturday, primarily
looking for Spruce Grouse. No luck on the SPGR, but got great views and
photos of a male Pine Grosbeak, and later Ken first heard a Boreal Owl
calling from the far side of Rogers Lake off FR39 around noon. I followed
him down a untended path and heard it also. It called off and on for about
30 minutes, but it was roosting in a place inaccessible to us. Many other
expected species were seen and heard. We doubled back and took FR39 north
up to Long Swamp Campground. We don’t recommend that leg of the trip as the
whole area has not recovered much from a fire from at least 10 years ago
according to Ken.

The next day I traveled back to the west side over Hwy 20, stopping at the
usual spots, but especially the Newhalem Agg Ponds. Walking along the
overgrown road to the first pond, I heard 3-4 Redstarts calling and was able
to call one female out for a photo-op. There were several Red-Eyed Vireos
calling as well.

Today I jaunted up to Skykomish for the Crested Caracara which was very
obliging. It moved around a bit in the 1 ½ hour I was there, giving
excellent photo-ops as well. The directions are easy. Turn into Skykomish
from US 2, go straight through town until the main road tees out in front of
the fire station. Turn right on the unmarked paved road, go about ½ mile to
a little settlement beyond a forested area. You know you’re there when the
road make a right turn, goes down a little hill , then turns left into the
settlement. The residents are very friendly and helpful.

Photos are available if interested.

Charlie Desilets


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