[Tweeters] Injured eagle update

Molly Kent kent.molly at gmail.com
Mon Jun 15 12:00:55 PDT 2015

Thank you to everyone who replied to me off-list about what to do for the
injured eagle! The answer-by-consensus was "call USFW," and it turns out
one of our neighbors had taken care of that already. She witnessed the
eagle getting mobbed by crows very early yesterday morning and we figure
the odds of two injured eagles in the area are slim enough to conclude that
the eagle we saw was the same one.

According to USFW (and PAWS), since the eagle was able to fly it will
likely recover and there's nothing more we can (or should) do unless we
find it on the ground, unable to fly.

If it turns up again and adds to the story, I will let you all know!

cheers and thanks,
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