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Thanks for mentioning the great collection at Slater, Georgia!

I believe many of the Slater people are on summer break, so I'm going to jump in here. The Slater wing and tail collection at UPS (as well as thousands of bird specimens) in Tacoma is available for private use with an appointment. Contact them for an appointment at: slatermuseum at pugetsound.edu

In the meantime, here is their on-line image link:

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I'd like to add that the Slater Museum also has a fantastic wing collection that, I think, one can still visit in person as well as access photos via their website. When I was in the Master Birder program several years ago, I'd visit Slater to study/test myself using the wings. At that time, I was also allowed to pull out trays and set them on the counters to study up close. For example, there's nothing like seeing a bunch of thrushes side by side - Veery, Swainson's, Hermits - because in the field I never saw them together. Many thanks, Dennis Paulson, for making this happen.
Perhaps Slater folks will provide information if it's still possible to (and how to) access the specimen collection in person.......
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