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Sun Jun 14 09:13:54 PDT 2015

Hey tweets, I'm still reeling from the unexpected death of my friend and teacher, Idie Ulsh. She and I didn't meet often, but we didn't have to. We had one of those deep friendships which always feels close, no matter when or if you see each other. Idie was always teaching me how to find, identify, and appreciate birds in more profound ways than I could imagine without her help. I remember several walks around the Fill with her. She always found birds I didn't know were there: the first Hutton's Vireo ever recorded at the Fill, a late-spring Long-billed Dowitcher hidden from everyone else, over-flying Evening Grosbeaks. Wonderful birds made more so by Idie's grins and her never-failing generosity. We in this state owe her much, both as a person with a big heart but also as someone who gave freely to Seattle Audubon, WOS, and especially to the young birders of the world.

Here is a poem in her memory:

I have been left behind
many times by the birds
who fly north to breed, south to winter.
But you, when you left me, free spirit,
I cried.

- Connie, Seattle

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