[Tweeters] CBCH in Olympia

Jennifer DeSelle jendeselle at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 14 08:16:58 PDT 2015

We have a pair of Chestnut-backed Chickadees nesting in our yard. The nestlings hatched a few days ago and the pair has been very busy feeding and defending their young. Every time we hear them raise the alarm call we head outside to see what's going on. Usually they're chasing off the scrub jay, although yesterday we found the pair battling a rufous hummingbird!  
This morning when I heard the "dees" I went outside to take a look. I was surprised to find 3 adult CBCH defending the nest!  This was a new one for me! The female (she is missing one foot) was in the tree with the nest box, her beak full of caterpillars yet dee-ing up a storm. But there were 2 other adult CBCH on the powerline doing battle with the intruders: this time both the rufous hummingbird and scrub jay. I have never seen a 3rd adult before and was very surprised. Do you suppose it is a neighboring chickadee who also has an interest in keeping the intruders away? 
Who needs television when the birds provide plenty of drama and intrigue? 

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