[Tweeters] Rainbow Throated Hummingbird

Sammy Catiis hikersammy at msn.com
Sat Jun 13 22:50:53 PDT 2015

Have you ever seen a Rainbow Throated Hummingbird? I grabbed this shot yesterday, out my car window.. as I arrived at home yesterday. I would have tried to look it up, but I'm pretty sure they are so rare.. that they are not even mentioned in the book.


This is reminiscent of the Golden Chickadee someone had wrote about earlier this year.. of which I still remember the story.. haha

This Rainbow Throated Hummingbird, was ready to drink from my prism feeder near sun down.. yep.. I'm sure you can imagine my delight..

I thought you would all enjoy this....and get a good laugh.. and maybe look for one in your back yard.. as we know now.. they do exist.. I have a photo! HA!

Sammy in Arlington.....

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