[Tweeters] Union Bay Watch | Elvis Jr. Has Left The Nest

Larry Hubbell ldhubbell at comcast.net
Sat Jun 13 12:54:11 PDT 2015


This week's post focuses on the Elvis Jr., Junior is apparently the youngest of three fledgling pileated woodpeckers belonging to Elvis and Priscilla. Included in the post is a photo of one of the young before it has even opened its eyes. (You will se why it is a good thing they grow feathers.) Another photo shows Junior and his sisters all begging for food at the same time. The bulk of the post covers Junior's first venture out of the nest. I hope you enjoy it!


There is also a short update on the new osprey nesting platform, which was installed this week in the UBNA.

Have a great day on Union Bay…where nature thrives in the city!

Larry Hubbell
ldhubbell at comcast dot net

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