[Tweeters] Curiously Tame Western Scrub Jay

Judy Hystad philandjudyh at mac.com
Tue Jun 9 15:55:00 PDT 2015


Have any of you encountered or known of a people-friendly Western Scrub Jay? Our friend Ron cannot go outside without a particular WSJ landing on his head or shoulder. If Ron hasn’t been outside for awhile the bird stares at him through the window. Any insights would be appreciated by Ron & family. The only food given the bird is a one-blueberry reward when it comes to a whistle.

Below are links to photos of Ron and the bird (AKA “Arthur”)… included by permission. They live in the Redding, CA area.

http://k7peh.us/RonsScrubJay/RonAndArthur.jpg <http://k7peh.us/RonsScrubJay/RonAndArthur.jpg>
http://k7peh.us/RonsScrubJay/RonAndArthur2.jpg <http://k7peh.us/RonsScrubJay/RonAndArthur2.jpg>
http://k7peh.us/RonsScrubJay/RonAndArthur3.jpg <http://k7peh.us/RonsScrubJay/RonAndArthur3.jpg>

Judy Hystad

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