[Tweeters] Nomadic Finch Patrol

Thomas Hahn tphahn at ucdavis.edu
Sun Jun 7 12:45:06 PDT 2015

Searching for potential field sites for work on nomadic finches. Was out looking for crossbills, evening grosbeaks and pine siskins east of Stevens Pass and over old Blewett Pass road south of Leavenworth on 4 June 2015. Decent new cone crops developing on Douglas-fir and ponderosa pine near Fish Lake (Chiwawa Loop road). Fair number of siskins, no crossbills (yet), a couple Type 1 evening grosbeaks. There’s a continuing big outbreak of budworms infesting fir (Abies) and Douglas-fir along the old Blewett Pass road. Type 1 evening grosbeaks extremely abundant at every stop, from where old road departs US 97 on north side of Swauk Pass, over Blewett Pass, and back down to where it rejoins 97 on the south side of Swauk. Siskins common too, and a few Type 4 red crossbills. Same area had abundant Type 1 evening grosbeaks and pine siskins 2 years ago on visit there with Dennis Paulson in June (2013).

Still a few Type 3 and 4 red crossbills intermittently in Montlake (Seattle), Type 3 near Shelton (6 June, Oakland Bay), and handful of Type 3 near Quinault 2 weeks ago.

Would be interested in any reports of NEW cone crops (unripe cones-of-the-year, maturing this summer/fall) or outbreaks of conifer foliage infesting insects from anybody who is out and about, particularly east of the Cascade crest, but anywhere, including Oregon or Idaho, of interest. Particularly interested in cone crops on Douglas-fir, ponderosa pine, or Engelmann spruce. Also of course interested in any reports of crossbills (red or white-wing, bonus if you think you know what type of red, but not necessary), siskins, evening grosbeaks.

You can report directly to me (email below) to avoid cluttering up Tweeters with this, unless it seems like the sort of thing others would be interested in hearing about. If you write to me directly and use the subject line “Nomadic Finch Patrol” it’ll guarantee it won’t slip by me!


Tom Hahn
tphahn at ucdavis.edu

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