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Sun Jun 7 09:39:59 PDT 2015

That's pretty cool! I had a similar experience yesterday, though I saw no young.

When I visited Marymoor Park yesterday morning, I was pleased to see four Purple Martins swooping low right over the Compost Piles next to where I was parked in Lot G! There was at least one male, and they were all calling. One female swooped very low into the ground a few times. I realized, what if she's collecting nesting material?

30 minutes, many Swainson's Thrushes, a few Western Wood-pewees, a singing Black-headed Grosbeak, singing Orange-crowned and Yellow Warblers, Rufous Hummingbirds and two FOY Willow Flycatchers later (phew! Good birding!), I arrived at the Martin gourds. One was occupied by Tree Swallows, but the far left one was visited by a Martin pair twice while I was there! The male sat above as the female placed her nesting material inside. I wonder, were they really getting the material from the Compost Pile? It's possible!

I left my camera battery at home by accident, so the best I managed was a few phone-scoped shots and two videos - but I'm happy! Purple Martins have the coolest songs and calls.

Good birding, Joshua Glant

Mercer Island, WA

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> I spent some time yesterday tromping through the mud, checking nestboxes at English Boom on the north end of Camano Island, and found that about a third of the nests already have eggs. This is the earliest I have ever seen martin eggs in the North Sound.


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