[Tweeters] A Living Squid!

Jeff Gibson gibsondesign at msn.com
Sun Jun 7 05:54:18 PDT 2015

Occasionally, from the depths of my naturalist desires, one in particular will surface - why it just happened last week. " I wanna see a squid!", I wished.
Oh, sure, I've seen plenty of squid in my life - on a plate. My first squid sighting was in the early 70's at Tai Tung restaurant in the International District - the best Chinese food in Seattle, as far as I know. This was back in my high school days, and our very excellent biology teacher, Alice Romero (West Seattle High), would occasionally shepherd a bunch of us kids down to Tai Tung, where they would set up all 8 or 10 of us up on one long table, and we'd all throw in a few bucks into a communal pot, and we'd get a big tableful of food platters. One dish we always requested though, was Squid and Fungus, which had the gnarly little tentacle heads of squid, along with a dark meaty mushroom of some sort, in this wonderful dark and mysterious sauce. How we enjoyed chewing up our little squid bits - some of us anyway.
Over the years I've also eaten plenty of calamari - squid rings - a cross- cut of the tubular squid body, and squid in various forms in sushi places, etc. But after all this squid enjoyment, I'd never see a live one.
My long wait was over yesterday, June 6th, down at Port Townsend's Marine Science Center. Every time I go down there I see something different. As was scanning the eelgrass bed inside the pier from above with my binoculars, I saw all sorts of cool stuff - it was a low tide, and visibility was good. I then noticed some small creature flitting around at the surface. It was a Squid! I couldn't have been more surprised.
Not exactly a Giant Squid, or a Kraken, or whatever, this little guy was about 4 inches long, and red (though the color changed as I watched). As far as I know, it was the common Opalescent Squid, which is a good name, because as I watched it exhibited all sort of opalescent color things going on. Neat.
The last place I expected to see a squid, was in bright daylight, at the surface . The little guy was sort of doing a feeble backstroke with his rear fins, just occasionally jetting backwards, but was moving around a lot. Unfortunately, being red, small, and wiggling about on the surface was as good as holding up an "eat me!" sign. The local Kingfisher patrols the area, and Gull's , and of course the always hungry Otters.
A living squid! I'm still excited about it today.
Jeff Gibsonreporting fromPort Townsend Wa

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