[Tweeters] unusual Capitol Lake birds?

Jennifer DeSelle jendeselle at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 6 14:28:16 PDT 2015

I was enjoying a morning walk around Capitol Lake this morning in Olympia when I came upon what felt like an unusual sight-- 80-90 Canada Geese were on the lake-- 30+ hanging out in the middle and 50+ hanging out near the fenced in shoreline.  At this time of year I usually only see a few resident nesting pairs of Canadas-- isn't it a little late for migrants to be passing through?  Also, they were accompanied by an immature male Common Goldeneye-- his head was a dark brown, but he had the white spot at the base of his bill and a golden eye.  I had a good look at him (without binocs) as he was close to shore.  Again, seems like an odd time to be seeing goldeneyes around here.

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