[Tweeters] Rare bird in Issaquah

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Sat Jun 6 11:06:51 PDT 2015

Perhaps it was Piebald? Just a thought..


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> Larry was up with the sun this morning looking for "Rare Issaquah Bird". There was a vg swallow in it's spot at the top of the Pin Oak,

> but that's about it. Did get some appreciated responses but It's still a mystery bird. Looked at every bird in Nat Geo Birds of North America. Nothing close. Looked at all the drawings in Howell and Webb's A Guide to The Birds of Mexico and Northern Central America. Nothing close. Went through Bird Life International's Illustrated Checklist of the Birds of the World. I just have Volume 1 which is non-passerines and didn't spend much time with the owls (there are a lot of owls) but had to take a close look at all the Honeyguides, Barbets, and Tinkerbirds. Nothing close. Need to get my hands on the Illustrated Checklist for the passerines, then I'll have checked out all the world's species.


> Bet I never figure this one out.


> Larry Schwitters

> Issaquah


> On Jun 5, 2015, at 6:24 PM, Larry Schwitters wrote:


> > My scope is set up and focused on the bare top of my neighbor's tree in case it comes back. Leora and I got good looks with 10x40 Zeiss at 100 feet. Very distinctive old world flycatcher jizz. Not that I've seen a lot of those.

> >

> > Never seen anything like it and I can't find it in Nat Geo.

> >

> > Six inches long.

> > Moderate length, slightly notched tail.

> > Not much if any body streaking on dirty white body.

> > Didn't see any wing bars on brown/tannish wings.

> > Flashy white head with large black throat patch, thin mask, and some black on crown.

> > Buzzy call.

> >

> > I know you want a photo. Wish I had one.

> >

> > Any ideas at all?

> >

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