[Tweeters] Peregrines in Everett

W SCOTT wrasta at comcast.net
Fri Jun 5 22:27:04 PDT 2015

Enjoying the beautiful sunny weather today after work I headed down to the Everett Waterfront to see if I could see the Whimbrels. Driving down West Marine Drive I noticed and then heard the wild, harsh deep "kaark" of the Caspian Terns flying with a colony of Gulls over the old Kimeberly Clark building. I turned down the access road and watched this interesting and noisy spectacle and wondered what the top of that roof looked like and wished I had a drone to take a peek. So while the tide had come all the way in by 7:45pm I was watching an Osprey float the current next to the cliff on the east side of the railroad tracks at the 10th street Marina and a Peregrine Falcon came from the East (Grand Ave) chasing a Gull, after pursuing the gull across the road toward the water, the Peregrine returned to the cliff area, flying along the tree line and was joined by another Peregrine. Then they rose in the sky and came together making only what I could call love calls. It was so awesome and surly a great sign.


W Scott Alinen

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