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I agree with Tim. E-bird should have a classification simply as "seen", maybe with notes for obvious escapee (jesses, for example). Couple decades ago I am press sure I had a Yellow-billed Cuckoo along a creek near Olympia. Essentially saw the belly, back, and some of the tail. While fairly sure of what it was, there is certainly not enough detail or photograoph for a record. Yet, if there accumulate a number of these "questionable" records in an area then perhaps it is worth a serious look. Also, as Time notes, ignoring a species as "not established" and then dropping them on the list creates a shortened history. All introduced birds, or natural immigrants like Cattle Egret, started out as simply an odd bird here or there.

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...would be nice to report on eBird with some kind of tag that allows one to indicate that a bird was present but uncountable. I think this could be helpful in collecting data to determine how well established a population is, while allowing a person to keep it off of their official list. This could be a helpful feature in other situations (for example, when you find a dead bird).

Just a thought!

-Tim Brennan
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