[Tweeters] Rare bird in Issaquah

Larry Schwitters leschwitters at me.com
Fri Jun 5 18:24:09 PDT 2015

My scope is set up and focused on the bare top of my neighbor's tree in case it comes back. Leora and I got good looks with 10x40 Zeiss at 100 feet. Very distinctive old world flycatcher jizz. Not that I've seen a lot of those.

Never seen anything like it and I can't find it in Nat Geo.

Six inches long.
Moderate length, slightly notched tail.
Not much if any body streaking on dirty white body.
Didn't see any wing bars on brown/tannish wings.
Flashy white head with large black throat patch, thin mask, and some black on crown.
Buzzy call.

I know you want a photo. Wish I had one.

Any ideas at all?

Larry Schwitters

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