[Tweeters] Re: A Birder's Guide to Washington - released already?

Jane Hadley hadleyj1725 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 30 13:15:17 PDT 2015

Hello Tyler -- Yes, the book that is on Amazon.com is indeed the second
edition of A Birder's Guide to Washington, so it has been officially

Some used copies of the first edition are also available on Amazon so
make sure that you are getting the second edition and not the first. The
second edition cover has red and green highlights and features a
Red-breasted Sapsucker. The first edition cover is gray-brown overall
and features a gyrfalcon.

You can ask for the book at your favorite retailer and they can order it
for you now (through the Common Ground wholesaler). I am not sure when
these various retailers will actually have the book in stock at their

Also, WOS plans to bring copies to the WOS conference in Ocean Shores
Aug 20-24 and will have them on sale there at a discounted price. Cash
or check only.

Jane Hadley
Seattle, WA
WOS Board Member

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> I saw a post on tweeters this morning that hopefully the second edition of

> A Birder's Guide to Washington would be released by the end of August.

> Curious, I looked it up on Amazon, and it looks like it has already been

> released! Does anyone know if this is the same book?


> Good birding!


> Tyler

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