[Tweeters] Nomadic Finch Patrol

Thomas Hahn tphahn at ucdavis.edu
Thu Jul 30 00:13:26 PDT 2015

If any of you have been someplace with lots of pine siskins recently (say, last 2 weeks), could you let me know? OK to email directly to me (tphahn at ucdavis.edu <mailto:tphahn at ucdavis.edu>). Thanks!

Crossbills around various places of late. Type 3s up around Deer Park (near Port Angeles) and up the Hoh (campground). Also Type 3s and 4s near Trout Lake. Type 4s apparently breeding over near Fish Lake (Lake Wenatchee area). Siskins and evening grosbeaks that were abundant near Blewett Pass a month ago have thinned out as the budworms metamorphosed.

Tom Hahn

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