[Tweeters] Breaching the Lower Snake River Dams

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4 species of salmonid's in the Snake River system are currently listed on the Endangered Species list Fall run Snake Chinook, Spring/Summer run Snake Chinook, Snake River Sockeye, and Snake River Steelhead.  At least $50 million has been spent to improve salmon transport through the dams, with no appreciable improvement to wild fish returns.  More projects are planned, costing more taxpayer money.
Container traffic from the Port of Lewiston has collapsed. From a high of 17,590 containers in 2000, traffic dipped to 3,240 in 2014. With the withdrawal of the container carrier business Hapag-Lloyd from the Port of Portland, that number is now zero.

The next expenditure on the dams is turbine replacement. 3 Turbines on the Ice Harbor Dam were recently upgraded at a cost of $97 million.   24 Turbines in total need to be replaced on the dams - an estimated incremental cost of $680 million.   The dams only supply approximately 4% of BPA's power, the cost to purchase that power on the open market would be considerably less.  
The dams were never intended to provide water control, and have no legal provisions for use as irrigation.  
Since you seem to think this is a "city" thing, I've included sources from areas directly impacted by the dams removal.  .



I'm not a fan of wasting taxpayer money, I hope you will take a look at the articles I've linked to. 
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Breaching the dams on the lower Snake River is an insane idea. Has anyone even considered the lock system in the Snake Dams that saves millions of dollars in transportation costs for industry? The only place that fish have NOT had serious problems in recent years is those associated with the Snake System. The only salmonoid with major problems in this river system was the Salmon River sockeye, which seems to have made a major comeback recently showing that the real problem may be ocean related and not dam related. At the same time the Snake River system salmonoids improved dramatically so did the upper Columbia River salmonoids (set record historical runs). No dams were harmed during these record salmon/steelhead runs. Another data point that directs us to problems in the ocean and not the river. In some cases it is well advised, and I did not oppose the removal of several small ancient projects on small rivers. To remove the dams on the Snake would be ridiculous.

It is interesting that people from the cities always want to do something that causes the rural eastern portions of Washington and Oregon economic hardships but they would scream the loudest if their power were shut off. Where do you think the electricity to power your cities comes from?

Eastern Washington was forced by the powers of the westside to install wind turbines even though we rejected them on the east side. Washington Audubon and Audubon in general supported this effort. We ended up with turbines that kill birds on an unprecedented scale. The facts are finally coming back that this was also a stupid and uninformed decision.

I, for one am tired of the flavor of the day: "Remove All Dams" 

When someone can show me that sound environmental, economic, and water control issues have been studied at length, and any issues addressed and resolved at all government levels, then come back and show me the studies and I may change my mind.

My 2-cents

Doug Schonewald
Moses Lake, WA

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As I'm sure many of you have been following, salmon are dying in this current drought.  They are dying at both ends of their life cycle.   We have an opportunity right now to breach the lower Snake River dams via executive order from President Obama.  He would like to make it happen, but he needs to hear from us to let him know we care, and want those dams to come down.   
You've heard about thousands of Cormorants being killed by the army corp of engineers in the Columbia river.  I consistently see Audubon members saying the real problems are the dams and river management by the Army Corp and BPA.   Taking down the Lower Snake River dams would increase "the pie" by as many as 4 million fish.  These dams are near the end of their life cycle, and only provide about 4% of the power generated on the Columbia system. It would be cheaper to purchase that power on the open market than to continue to dump money into upkeep and maintenance on these 4 dams.  
Returning salmon to hundreds of miles of upstream habitat would improve that habitat for every creature that lives there, including birds.  The available habitat is fairly high in the Rockies and would be insulated to some extent from the current and future warming and drought.  
Please check out SRKWCSI.org  or https://www.facebook.com/SRKW.CSI for more information and let me know if you have any questions.  
If this is something you feel strongly about, please call the White house 202-456-1111 and ask the President to breach the lower Snake River Dams.  
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