[Tweeters] re: hissing owls in W. Seattle

Barbara Deihl barbdeihl at comcast.net
Wed Jul 29 12:53:19 PDT 2015

Hi All (Owl ?),

In addition to Joan's and Stefan's thoughts of Barn and Great Horned Owls being what Joan heard at night, I will throw in Barred Owls to the mix - the owlets do hiss for awhile around fledging time, again, to solicit prey deliveries by parents. Heard this in late June/early July from 4 fledglings I and others saw in NE Seattle. The shrill hisses of the Barreds is a bit different from those of the Barn Owls - I've never heard the hisses of Great Horned Owlets... Not sure if Barreds are still having young fledge now...

Play some audio bits and compare juveniles and keep listening :-)

Barb Deihl
Matthews Beach Neighborhood - NE Seattle
barbdeihl at comcast.net

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