[Tweeters] Added to my list..

Sammy Catiis hikersammy at msn.com
Tue Jul 28 12:14:34 PDT 2015

OK, Added to my list of fledglings, is a Common Yellow Throat. Not sure why it's in the bush away from any existing water.. but it's dry everywhere. No dad in sight. Also, a Black Headed Grey Warbler pair.. And a fun watch as the Wilsons Warbler chased out a Black Headed Grosbeak.

If you want to see any photos.. only uploaded to Sammy Yamaha on Facebook at the moment.. headed back outside. Lazuli kids were seen for a short while.. and the Wilsons for a lot longer.. one that looks like fledgling, but had the full on black cap.. maybe it just took a bath somewhere. Took Video of the Black Headed Grey Warbler since it sat there for so long busy preening.. and the Bewicks Wren that seems to follow the Fox Sparrow around.

OK, Back outside to sit next to the thicket. This has been an amazing Summer in my yard. OH, and *maybe* a black chinned hummer... maybe it was an Anna's Male, haven't seen one in a month.. but it looked a bit duskier. I'll let you know!


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