[Tweeters] Good Morning, Port Townsend

Jeff Gibson gibsondesign at msn.com
Tue Jul 28 05:35:35 PDT 2015

Luckily, I was awake a few minutes ago to hear one of my favorite sounds in nature - yodeling coyotes- through my open bedroom window. They were close, and incredibly loud.
Near as I could tell, there were just a couple of them singing, and they were producing what seemed to me to be especially outlandish yahooing - even for a coyote. Sounds hard to describe except to say they were wonderful - at least to my ears.
I'd been waiting to hear some coyotes here in the neighborhood, since the place is loaded with cottontail rabbits these days (for the second time since spring). I imagine there will soon be fewer bunnies around.
Well, then the towhees were trilling, the jungle fowl crowing, and the time was marked by five loud gongs from the ol' county courthouse bell tower more than a mile away on the next hill. Good morning, Port Townsend.
Jeff Gibsonwaking up inPort Townsend Wa

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