[Tweeters] swallows, swallows....

Martha Jordan mj.cygnus at gmail.com
Sat Jul 25 18:31:38 PDT 2015

Visited the Johnson/DeBay Swan Reserve just NE of Mt. Vernon today. There were 3 mourning doves sitting on the rail fence just past the gate. Beyond in the field were a huge number (more than 1,000 maybe lots more) of swallows flying, swooping, some landing on the rail fence, and about 200 or more sitting on the ground in the middle of the alfalfa field. That was an odd thing for me as I have no explanation as to why they were in an area about 15 feet wide by 100 feet long, in the mown area. Swallows were feeding all over the 100 acres of alfalfa. There appeared to be adults and juveniles of all species. A truly amazing sight to come across.
I have never seen that many species in one place at one time all mixing it up.
As to species: Barn Swallow
Violet-green Swallow
Tree Swallow
Bank Swallow
Northern Rough-winged Swallow

Martha Jordan
Everett, WA

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