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This week’s post talks about an instinctual fear induced by the sound of young birds. To test your advanced birding skills (and my ability to describe birds sounds) I have included descriptions of this young bird’s call below. Your challenge is to determine what type of bird we are talking about before visiting my blog. I hope you enjoy the challenge!

What bird near Union Bay makes this call?

The hidden bird was heard calling from the leaves of a big leaf maple tree.
The sound it made was a single clear descending whistle, repeated often, but not rapidly.
The beginning of the whistle started with the slightest impression of a “pu” sound as in the word puff.
The "pu" was not a separate sound from the whistle it was simply how the whistle began.
The call was louder than the call of a willow flycatcher, and not separated into two sounds as in “fitz-hugh”, but the whistle made me think of the flycatcher.
The call was not as loud as the “clear” call of a flicker, but somewhat similar to it as well.

The bird in the first photo is the answer.

http://unionbaywatch.blogspot.com/2015/07/fear-and-trembling.html <http://unionbaywatch.blogspot.com/2015/07/fear-and-trembling.html>

Have a great day on Union Bay, where nature lives in the city!

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