[Tweeters] Evening Grosbeak, Rufous Hummingbird, West Seattle

Tucker, Trileigh TRI at seattleu.edu
Fri Jul 24 11:47:01 PDT 2015

Hi Tweets,

Quick note to say that what I’m pretty sure was an Evening Grosbeak just made a brief appearance in my yard. By the time I got my camera and got up to a good picture-taking angle, it had flown off – but a cooperative Rufous Hummingbird then showed up at my feeder, so the camera-hauling wasn’t entirely in vain. Now I’m working out on our covered deck, enjoying the lovely and all-too-rare sound and sweet scent of summer rain, hoping for the grosbeak to reappear.

Good birding to you,

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Trileigh Tucker
Pelly Valley, West Seattle
Natural history blog: naturalpresence<naturalpresencearts.com>arts.com<naturalpresencearts.com>
Photography: flickr.com/photos/trileigh

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