[Tweeters] Western Tanagers

Sammy Catiis hikersammy at msn.com
Thu Jul 23 17:59:58 PDT 2015

Just thought I would pop in and say, my Western Tanagers fledged today.. actually, it looks like a week already fledged as it had no fluffy down feathers. But I have only seen the dad until today.. today was Mom, 1 jr. and Dad. Jr. was easy to tell as it was begging.

Also had the Dad just a few days ago.. beg for a worm from a Robin.. it was pretty funny. He would follow it around, and when the robin got a worm, the Western Tanager acted like a fledgling begging.. I've never heard of such a thing... I even have photos to back that up.. haha Pretty crazy!

Also fledged are the Wilsons Warblers, Fox Sparrow & Towhee.. It must be time.

Lazuli Buntings are field feeding now, so harder to find in one spot. Mom should have another batch of fledglings in about 15 more days..

Watched 5 of the 6 nests in Everett of Osprey. What a difference between nests. One of the sets still were very young.. and resembled Ptarmigans as they lay in the nest quiet like.. very small yet. Two of the others, were very big, one nest with two, they were really trying their wings out.

Sammy in Arlington~

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