[Tweeters] Nisqually NWR and Levee Pond

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Wed Jul 22 14:41:53 PDT 2015

Hey Tweeters!
I did the first half of my late b-day shorebirding today! I went down south and checked out Nisqually NWR right before high tide, and at high tide. I also took a trip to Levee Pond in Fife, due to a tip I got. (Thanks!) I saw 8 species of shorebirds, so a very successful day!!!!!!!!!!!!

At Nisqually, we saw:

Least Sandpiper: around 40. Got great looks!
Spotted Sandpiper: 1 at the end of the boardwalk
Semipalmated Plover: 7
Western Sandpiper: 1
Greater Yellowlegs: 1

We also saw a Yellow Warbler feeding a baby Cowbird. (It looked like it could eat the warbler!!!) and a Willow Flycatcher, Black-headed Grosbeak, lots of swallows (including some with Bank Swallow like bands, but they were probably just young trees, but maybe not...) and lots and lots of Great-blue Herons!

After we finished at the refuge and ate lunch we headed up to Lever pond. Here we found

Lesser Yellowlegs: 2 that were there but then flew off
Long-billed Dowitcher: 2.5 (.5 because I wasn't sure if one of them was a Short-billed or a Long-billed)
Spotted Sandpiper: 1

We also saw 3 Green Herons, a first for the year for me!!
And to complete my 8 species, we saw a Killdeer at my grandmas house when dropping her off.

So a wonderful day!!!!!! Great weather, great birds, great places, great views. What else could you want? Well, maybe a lifer, but I'll be keeping my eye out. The day isn't over yet!

Good (shore)birding!!

Kaylin Ingalls
Kirkland WA
kayliningalls at G male d ot com

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