[Tweeters] RE: RFI for Sooty and Ruffed Grouse

B B birder4184 at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 22 13:16:31 PDT 2015

Thank you to the folks in tweeterdom who sent suggestions for photo friendly Sooty or Ruffed Grouse.  As suggested by two birders, I went to Beckler Ridge Road off Highway 2 this morning.  It was cold and for the most part very quiet.  Nothing on the way up but on the way back down we had a mother Sooty on the road.  She flew to a nearby tree after posing for many photos.  Then first one and then a second young grouse came out for quick views.
Next will be to try for a Ruffed Grouse somewhere.  Have received a couple of suggestions but still open to more ideas.  Thanks to all.
Blair BernsonEdmondsbirder4184 at yahoodotcom

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