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According to here - http://www.birdweb.org/birdweb/bird/crested_caracara - yes, but I don’t know how authoritative this site is. It states:

"General Description
Sightings of Crested Caracara in the Pacific Coast states were long considered suspect due to the possibility that they represented birds escaped from captivity. However, a recent upsurge of records has led to a reconsideration. The Washington Bird Records Committee has now accepted three records as "wild" birds: Ocean Shores (Grays Harbor County) in August 1983, Neah Bay (Clallam County) in January 1998, and Oakville (Grays Harbor County) in May 2006."


> On Jul 21, 2015, at 8:59 AM, Patricia Taylor <pat.mary.taylor at gmail.com> wrote:


> I was wondering if any Tweeter member knows if the first Crested

> Caracara recorded in Washington in spring of 1998 was accepted by the

> records committee. I believe that it was rejected originally as it was

> regarded as an escape. The bird eventually made its way to Drury Inlet

> in BC: May 4-June 3, 1998 and the Washington committees rejection was

> acknowledged in the province. Has it now been accepted as the status

> has changed in the Northwest?


> Three sighting have been made this summer in the Northwest with one in

> western Washington, one in Jasper Alberta, and one yesterday at

> Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. (The photo can be found at

> bcbirdalert.blogspot.ca). There have also been two recent records in

> the interior of British Columbia, one at Fort Fraser August 2005 and

> Revelstoke June 2011.


> Keith Taylor

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