[Tweeters] Call for merlin observations and band resightings

Benjamin Johnson tiger80 at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 21 16:25:40 PDT 2015

Hello All. We are in the midst of the third season of our merlin project investigating nest site characteristics, nesting success and density, site and pair fidelity, and annual movements. Many of the merlin nests we are following have already fledged, and the young merlins have been very active and vocal near their nest sites. We are frequently out in the field following the territories we've already come across and searching for new territories. If anyone has spotted recent merlin activity and is so inclined to share observations for our project please contact Ben Vang-Johnson (bvjohnson at gmail dot com) or Kim McCormick (kim.mccormick at Comcast dot net). Of particular value are observations of nests, observations of groups of merlins, and sightings of banded merlins. Even if the merlins have already dispersed from the nest site, information on 2015 nests can still be valuable as part of our nest site characterization. Information provided by many of you in the past has been very valuable, and we greatly appreciate any merlin tips you can provide. We'll keep any information we are provided confidential. Merlins have been banded with red or blue VID bands, in addition to the standard silver band. Red bands are coded with two digit white numbers and will be read left to right and have a white dot separating the two-digit numbers encircling the band. Blue bands are coded with two character letters, stacked vertically, and will be read top to bottom. Even partial information on band resightings can be very useful, such as just the color of the band or one of the two characters. Thank you, Ben and Kim

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