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Keith and others,

Here's the link to the records page for Rare birds. It is a great resource to consult about history.

In it you can see that Caracara records have been accepted 3 times in the past, 1983, 1998 and 2006.


Doug Schurman

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I was wondering if any Tweeter member knows if the first Crested Caracara recorded in Washington in spring of 1998 was accepted by the records committee. I believe that it was rejected originally as it was regarded as an escape. The bird eventually made its way to Drury Inlet in BC: May 4-June 3, 1998 and the Washington committees rejection was acknowledged in the province. Has it now been accepted as the status has changed in the Northwest?

Three sighting have been made this summer in the Northwest with one in western Washington, one in Jasper Alberta, and one yesterday at Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. (The photo can be found at bcbirdalert.blogspot.ca). There have also been two recent records in the interior of British Columbia, one at Fort Fraser August 2005 and Revelstoke June 2011.

Keith Taylor
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