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I have had major problems with email and am now using an alternate one so this is a couple of days late.  Especially in light of the Dennys post on the Lewis Peak fire, we were extra fortunate to visit and leave when we did..Here is theoriginal message:

Brian Pendleton and I spent an exceptional two days of birding in Eastern Washington where we were joined by Melissa Hafting from Vancouver, B.C. for part of the trip. Among the highlights - at least 5 GREEN TAILED TOWHEES (seen well and photographed) on the North Fork Coppei Creek Road (thank you Mike, MerryLynn and Chris for suggestions and directions) after a flyover GREAT HORNED OWL that was our Bird Totem for the trip; (Melissa had GTTO on Biscuit Ridge as well); 2 LESSER GOLDFINCHES at Rooks Park; 2 CLARK'S GREBES (with young on mom's back) at the Gravel Pit site near Lind Coulee; young GULLS, SPOTTED SANDPIPERS, KILLDEER, COOTS and BLACK NECKED STILTS at various spots; 4 SEMIPALMATED SANDPIPERS (Blood Ponds and Para Ponds); 12 or 13 well seen and photographed TRICOLORED BLACKBIRDS at Para Ponds (some in each of 3 ponds); MANY LESSER and somewhat fewer GREATER YELLOWLEGS at Para Ponds; WILSON'S AND RED NECKED PHALAROPES; WESTERN PEWEE at nest with
young at Rooks Park; both SHORT and LONG BILLED DOWITCHERS, 4 FORSTER'S TERNS with photos (finally) at Potholes SP; and numerous EMPIDONAX on Coppei Creek Road. We also had RING NECKED PHEASANT, dozens of CALIFORNIA QUAIL (many young), a brood of GRAY PARTRIDGE and a mystery Gallinaceous Bird at Columbia NWR that Brian researched further and found to be a Black Francolin as he posted. And hot but cooler than usual weather, far less than usual wind, incredible landscapes and unfortunately views of two forest fires. We missed Ruffed Grouse and Franklin's Gull photos but hardly noticed that in the wonderful days of birding with around 100 species.
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