[Tweeters] Silence of The Birds

Jeff Gibson gibsondesign at msn.com
Sat Jul 18 13:03:10 PDT 2015

In past posts I have lamented about the diminishing bird chorus here in Everett over the years. I can't prove that scientifically : however my current reality is quite quiet bird- wise today.
In a totally non- scientific study I've recently accomplished, I find a real dearth of morning bird chorus in my North Everett neighborhood. (soon to be ex neighborhood). It's all part of my Theory of Relativity. Hey, I'm no Einstein , I just like comparing things, places . Sometimes it's real educational.

You see, I've been spending most of the last 18 months in Port Townsend in my de facto elder care "job", after living in Everett for 28 years. Even moving into the Summer bird doldrums, each morning in PT I am still being regaled by bird song although the chorus is gradually dimming down. This is proof (to me at least) that I can still hear. Waking up here in Everett this morning, I repeatedly stuck my head out the back door from 4:30 until 7 am, and didn't hear a single bird. It was sort of eerie. The silence was deafening. It's not the first time for around here. Sort of sad.
So that's a Tale of Two Cities (if you call Port Townsend a City. Some do). So what's the big difference? Well, as one of our infamous politicians once quipped, "it's the Habitat stupid!". Oh, wait, maybe he said "it's the Economy stupid!". Yes, that's it. However, what the truly ignorant don't seem to realize, is that the Habitat is the Economy: the real source of everything needed for living all comes from nature. Even dumb ol' birds and bugs know that.
Yes, it's true, Port Townsend, and other rural, or even "Subirdian" urban areas, have the habitat needed for birds and other animals and native plants. If ol' Jeff Gibson was president of North Everett, I would immediately create a modern version of the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) and put people to work eliminating lawns (with their attendant chemicals and water wasting) and replace them with hedgerows of native plants (like bird-rich Port Townsend has). In 5 or ten years, there would be a lot more birdsong around here.
Oh sure, I know that comes off as some sort of socialist nightmare for many. You have your Lawn Rights Activist's, Real (really?) Estate dollar freaks, lawn and garden chemical company lobbies, etc., whose lives would be thrown into turmoil by my proposals. After all, I am a person that believes creating and maintaining a perfect lawn is a form of mental illness, particularly if the the lawn is not used for anything other than "appearance". In North Everett I'm definitely an odd man out.
Whatever. I know the birds would agree with my schemes. Tomorrow I'll be back in Port Townsend where I can hear a Towhee again. Just sayin'.
Jeff Gibson inquiet North Everett Wa

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