[Tweeters] Does anyone know of any Good shorebirding spots?

Joshua Glant josh.n.glant at gmail.com
Fri Jul 17 15:32:09 PDT 2015

The places you described can indeed be good, as can a few ponds around Auburn and Kent M Street or Boeing Ponds. But for the best shorebird viewing you'll find nearest to Seattle, there is no better place than Skagit. Places like Eide Road near Stanwood and Wylie Slough on Fir Island can produce hundreds to thousands of shorebirds in a day, especially at Eide Road!

Another good spot is Jetty Island in Everett. I tried to go there last August, without realizing that there was a boat to get out there that departed at a specific time. We missed the last ride out for the day, but I could see many dozens of sandpipers lining the island's logs from across the water.

So, Jetty Island or Skagit would be good places to go! They might be a little far (though Jetty Island is the same distance from Seattle as Nisqually, I believe), but both are highly worth it!

A couple tips: I think that the Skagit places might require a Discover Pass. And Jetty Island can sometimes be busy with visitors.

More info about Jetty Island:

More info about Wylie Slough:

More info about Eide Road:

Good (shore)birding, Joshua Glant

Mercer Island, WA

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> Hey tweeters!

> So I'm planing on doing some birthday birding this weekend, and I'd like to catch some shorebirds if I could. Any places I should check out? I know Edmonds marsh is good, and sometimes the Fill, but i was wondering about other places. Right now the plan is to head to Nisqually NWR.

> Thanks for the help, and good birding!


> Kaylin Ingalls

> Kirkland WA

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