[Tweeters] Off-topic: Looking for participants for a Harpy Eagle trip

Stefan Schlick greenfant at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 16 21:50:19 PDT 2015

Interested in seeing a Harpy Eagle? Ancon Expeditions of Panama is offering a trip targeting Harpy Eagle in the Darien in Panama (see http://www.anconexpeditions.com/tours/short-adventures/realm-of-the-harpy-eagle for information) and I'm trying to get 4 folks together to make a trip during November 22-25 happen. So far, it is only myself. I've been assured that there is a nesting location which is expected to be active until March/April next year. Contact me offline if interested.
I don't really know anything about Ancon. If you have been out with Ancon before, I would love to hear about your experience with them.
Stefan SchlickHillsboro, OR

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