[Tweeters] Green mountain hike , 15june, not intended as a birding trip but some nice findings

Maxine Reid baconmf at mail.com
Wed Jul 15 19:03:48 PDT 2015

Hello tweeters,

We did this hike today up above the Suiattle river road .
Last nite stayed at buck creek campground with only a few birds sighted.:
American robins, swainsons thrush , American dipper in the steam below the CG.,violet green swallows Above Suiattle river at the 10 mile bridge and a Pacific Wren singing this am.

We started early and saw and heard the following birds:
Many hermit thrush along the trail,numerous dark eyed juncos.
Singles of the following:
White crowned sparrow, Macgillvrays warbler,lazuli bunting(seen high on a tree ,same one
On our way up and down,steller's jay,chipping sparrow,red breasted nuthatch.
One group of chestnut backed chckadees and gold crowned kinglets were beside the trail.
4 gray jays were above the small ponds 1/2 way up and a few evening grosbeaks were near
The same ponds.
As we neared the top we saw on the trail footprints of probable sooty grouse ,also heard a male and a female at separate sites.
At the summit we saw an adult golden eagle soar a large circumference around the top.
On our drive down from the trailhead we saw a pair of northern flickers.
Mammals seen were 2 hoary marmots and 3 golden mantled ground squirrels at the summit
who kindly shared our trail mix snacks!
There were numerous beautiful butterflies, countless grasshoppers and many flowers still
At their peak.
For not really a bird trip, we saw some exciting birds and views of glacier peak, dome
Peak and other gorgeous mountains .
Good birding , Maxine Reid .

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