[Tweeters] Clark's Nutcracker [Wahkiakum co]

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Wed Jul 15 18:14:27 PDT 2015

Today (7/15/2015), Ann Musche' and I followed up on Andrew Emlen's report
from a month ago (see below).

Much to my delight, I encountered a Clark's Nutcracker in the same area.

Heard twice and seen in flight once, about 1 PM today. Bird (a little
larger than nearby Steller's Jays) had gray body, black wings and tail;
white secondaries and edges of tail; flew with long glides and broad wing
flaps; voice raspy, long ascending 'grahhhp.'

Other details on ebird, later. Note that the road to this spot is rather
rough, as logging roads go. Be prepared for some rocky going; it is a
little over 6 miles from the pavement.

Alan Richards / Naselle WA 98638
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Date: Wed, 17 Jun 2015 17:24:52 -0700
From: Andrew Emlen <aemlen at centurytel.net>
Subject: [Tweeters] Wahkiakum Clark's Nutcracker
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Today I birded the Grays River Divide in Wahkiakum County with Kyleen
Austin. At
about 1600 feet there was a Clark's Nutcracker foraging in a recent
clearcut near
one of the few stands of taller trees along the ridgeline, about 2.7 miles
from the
where the MV1000 ends at the 800 road (left fork from MV1000). This is the
record of this species from Wahkiakum County. I posted a photo on ebird.
highlight of the day was finding an American Dipper nest with two
nestlings beside a
waterfall in Grays River canyon.

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