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K Ingalls kayliningalls at gmail.com
Sat Jul 11 17:16:58 PDT 2015

Hey guys!
So I went out to Edmonds marsh yesterday to search for shorebirds, and saw
a bunch of Least Sandpipers, Western Sandpipers and Killdeer, (YAY!
Shorebird migration!!!!) but I also saw this other sandpiper which,
compared to a Killdeer, looked bigger then the rest. I only got bad photos,
but pattern wise it looks weird too. Anybody want a say in this bird? Any
help is appreciated! Maybe it will be something good! (probably not, but I
can hope)
Here it is with a Killdeer and a Peep looking blob

And here it is closer

Also at the marsh were Great-blue Herons and some young Song Sparrows. I
went out to the waterfront and was dazzled by the differences in Olympic
Gulls, and saw a Pigeon Gullimont, Rhinoceros Auklets (3) Caspian Tern and
some Hermann's gulls. I was happy to see that there are still cool birds
around, even in the July doldrums!
Thanks for any help, and see cool birds!!! Maybe even some strange

Kaylin Ingalls
Kirkland WA
kayliningalls at G male dot com
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