[Tweeters] unusual cormorant, Westport

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Dianna, a small number of immature Double-crested Cormorants develop a very pale, almost white breast in their first summer. But they have yellow-orange throat pouches as is typical, quite different from a Guanay. More like some immature Great Cormorants, but again an unusual DCCO seems a lot more likely than any of these other very distant species.

Dennis Paulson

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> Hey Tweets...If anyone is going to be at the Westport Marina, I would

> appreciate they check the north side for the green post with the #7

> reflective sign for a cormorant with a "dirty white" breast. I received

> a call from a man watching this bird and asking me if there have been

> any reports of a Guanay Cormorant (native to Chile and Peru). He

> admitted it was a real long shot but could not find anything else to

> explain the white breast.


> He was sure it was a cormorant, but could not tell if it had the red

> around the eye. One other notable difference was his bird had black legs

> and feet; a Guanay has pink feet and legs.


> So we are wondering what else it could be. Due to previous commitments,

> I have not been able to go look.


> Dianna Moore

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