[Tweeters] Grasshopper Sparrows in Pend Oreille

Terry Little terry at crossoverchurch.info
Thu Jul 9 12:03:17 PDT 2015


This morning I was able to relocate two Grasshopper Sparrows in Pend Oreille
County that were originally found on July 5 by Todd Sahl and Kei Chi Lam. I
was able to photograph the 1st bird. First County Record.

The first bird was seen about 500 feet east of the PUD parking lot (just
south of Tacoma Creek Bridge on Hwy 20), it was singing near the first
swallow nest box you come to on the north side of the old road. I heard it
singing before using playback to coax it into view.

The second bird was not nearly as cooperative. I found it near the fourth
power pole from Hwy 20, north of the old road, singing from the area where
an old duck nest is on a stand. Got a few distant quick views, but mostly
heard it singing among the more numerous Savannah Sparrows.

I had a flyover Bobolink while birding along the road as well.


Terry Little

Mead, Wa

<http://www.crossoverchurch.info/> Terry

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